Welcome to my BATracer GP2 liveries blog/site! My goal is to make a huge variety of GP2 liveries for the BATracer online racing sim game because, frankly, the GP2 carset is closest to modern day F1 cars and I’m absolutely head over heals for Formula 1! I aim to have a large variety of liveries, and 100+ is my goal.

To locate liveries, use the features to the right. You can search for any string of text by using the Search Database feature. Typing in “191” will bring you to the 1991 Jordan 191 and so forth.

Search By Sponsor could be useful if you’re partial to a certain company or organization. Clicking the links in this list will take you to liveries that feature the sponsors. Clicking “Air Asia” will likely bring you to a Lotus while clicking “Mild Seven” is bound to get you a Renault.

Search By Constructor will allow you to look up cars that are made by certain constructors and manufacturers. Some of them are fictional, but most of them are not.

Please note that when you use the options to the right to search, you won’t see images immediately, merely post names and bits of text. Click on the bolded car names to check out how they look and download the GIF necessary to upload them to BATracer. Remember, Kool Tools is required for uploading liveries!

If you don’t like the whole searching for a livery deal, click Master List up above in the header to check out all of the liveries I’ve made on one handy page. None of them are labelled, but that isn’t such a big deal if you can visually tell what the cars are.

I am also open to requests. Just click the Livery Requests in the black header bar up top.

Happy racing!